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Double Whammy from Fatty Foods

Double-Whammy From Fatty Foods

They Not Only Add to Your Waistline, They Can "Trick" You Into Eating More, Research Shows

 (CBS)  Once you get started eating ice cream, do you feel like you could eat the whole carton? Or maybe polish off that second deluxe cheeseburger?

Turns out there may be a medical explanation for binge eating.

On "The Early Show" Wednesday, CBS News Medical Correspondent Dr. Jennifer Ashton reported on new research suggesting the answer may lie in certain saturated fats that, in essence, trick the brain into eating more.

The study, done at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, found that certain fats interact with, and actually change, your brain chemistry, Ashton said.

The fats at fault -- particularly palmitic acid, found in milk, butter, beef and cheese -- tell the brain to ignore hormones involved in the regulation of food intake. So you wind up eating more.

And the research shows it can take anywhere from three to five days for the brain to wash out misleading signals the fats and start responding properly to the weight regulation hormones again.

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Science has come a long way toward explaining some behaviors that go along with the Standard American Diet.  It's each individual's responsibility to take that information and use it to make healthier choices and create wellness in his or her own life.

 Changes that reduce daily intake of saturated fats can be as simple as opting for a chicken Caesar salad at the drive-up window instead of a double cheeseburger.  Even better would be to brown bag it for lunch with a turkey sandwich on whole-grain bread piled with leaf lettuce and homegrown tomatoes. 

 Note that the research shows it takes three to five days to wash out misleading signals, so make a commitment to avoid your addictive choices for one full week and see what a difference it can make.  You will likely begin "feeling full" appropriately, have less digestive distress, sleep better, and experience more energy because of the load you have taken off your system.

Consider supplementing with fish oil or flax oil to stave off fat cravings.  These unsaturated fats won't cripple your brain's natural responses the way saturated fats do.  Substitute untreated Celtic or Himalayan sea salt for regular table salt to quench your body's salt cravings-too often satisfied with salty French fries.  Reach for whole fruits as a sugar source when you start salivating for bread in the form of hamburger buns, pasta, and pizza crust. 

 Our bodies' cells initiate cravings as they search for nutrients with which to make energy and create new cells.  Cells "ask" for specific nutrients, including vital minerals and glucose.  When all they know as a food source is burgers and fries, that's all they know to signal for.  When you introduce healthier alternative choices, the body eagerly opts for those instead because they actually "get" the nutrition they need from the healthier foods. 

 If you have difficulty making the switch, ask about the Standard Process 21-Day Purification Protocol, which offers special nutritional supplements and specific food choices to support your body in making the shift to a healthier diet. 


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