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Childhood Immune Support

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The first telltale sign of fall isn't the turning leaves, the earlier sunsets, or the chill in the air, but the hullabaloo about flu.  This year offers a double dose, with the regular yearly viral arrival, and the new kid on the block putting everyone from drug companies to news media personalities to concerned moms in a frenzy.

While you and your family might indeed have better odds of coming in contact with some sort of flu virus this season, the response is still the same:  (1) eat healthy foods, (2) get plenty of rest and fluids, (3) get regular chiropractic adjustments to bolster immune response, and (4) supplement appropriately to prevent illness from setting in and to assist recovery if sypmtoms occur despite your best efforts.


MULTIVITAMINS provide antioxidants, bioflavonoids and primary minerals to keep every cell in the body nourished and functioning at its best.  With proper nutritional support the body is better able to fight off outside invaders such as viruses and bacteria.  Not all multivitamins are created equal-be sure to choose one that is not filled with sugars and artificial colors and flavorings that put a load on your child's liver and weaken immune defenses.  Good choices include:

• Source Naturals MegaKid Multiple Vitamin wafers
• Standard Process Catalyn Chewable Multiple Vitamin tablets
• New Chapter Tiny Tabs-for kids who can swallow small tablets

OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS nourish the nervous system as well as soft tissues and mucous membranes.  They ensure proper firing of nerve messages in the case of a bacterial or viral invasion and healthy, supple membranes that are prepared to respond.  Good choices include:

• Nordic Naturals Pro-DHA strawberry-flavored chewable softgels
• Barlean's Omega Swirl-a delicious lemon-flavored liquid

PROBIOTICS provide 80% of the entire body's immune support based in the digestive tract.  These beneficial bacteria are extremely efficient in targeting and destroying harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi.  Poor diet and antibiotics, both prescription drugs and those contained in non-organic meat and dairy products, often weaken these "good guys".  Good choices include:

• Metagenics Ultra Flora Plus DF, either powder or capsules
• New Chapter All-Flora capsules

HERBAL SUPPORT when symptoms appear provides valuable assistance in the body's fight against invading pathogens.  Effective herbal support can include the following:

• Herbs for Kids Echinacea/Goldenroot liquid provides Echinacea to stimulate the body's own immune response, while goldenroot has antibiotic properties that offer additional support for the fight
• Source Naturals Wellness Herbal Kids liquid offers herbal support against mucous buildup while assisting the body's immune responses
• Herbs for Kids Cherry Bark liquid helps relieve sinus and nasal congestion
• Herbs for Kids Elderberry Syrup soothes coughs while relieving chest congestion and providing extra anti-viral support
• Natural Immunogenics Sovereign Silver changes the body's internal terrain, making it more difficult for pathogenic viruses, bacteria and fungi to survive
• Xlear Nasal Spray, made with xylitol, moistens and cleans nasal passages while keeping bacterial infections from taking hold.


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